TriSonicaTM – Mini Weather Station

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TriSonicaTM - Mini Weather Station

For those that require a miniature, lightweight, low velocity anemometer, for that small location or for use on that small drone, we now have a new TriSonicaTM - Mini Weather Station, manufactured by AnemomentTM

It has a measurement path of just 35 mm and a weight of 50 grams.  Owing to its small size, it is a full weather station capable of measuring Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Air Density and Dew Point.  It contains an Accelerometer and/or Level for pitch and roll and a compass.

The TriSonicaTM - Mini Weather Station Solid-State Wind System can also provide measurements of all three dimensions of air flow.  The open path provides the least possible distortion of the wind field.

Four measurement paths provide a redundant measurement.  The path with the most distortion is removed from the calculations to provide accurate wind measurements.

Data emulation allows for the direct connection to existing data loggers and systems without costly changes to associated electronics.  Data output is factory set to user requirements and includes the emulation of many common types of wind sensors.




0-30 m/s for wind speed

0-359 degrees for wind direction

-30°C to +80°C for temperature


Resolution 0.1 m/s for wind speed

1.0 degrees for wind direction

±1.0°C for temperature



±0.5 m/s for low range wind speed

±2% for high range wind speed

±1.0 degree for wind direction

±2°C (absolute)  Temperature

±0.5ºC Temperature with Humidity Sensor

±5% Humidity

±3 hPa Absolute Pressure

±1.0 deg. Tilt for Pitch and Roll

±5 deg. Magnetic Heading


Operating Temperature


-30°C to +80°C


Digital Output

RS-232 Standard


Data Output Rate

1 Hz, 2 Hz, 5 Hz, 10Hz


Operating Frequency

60 kHz


Anemometer Power


12 – 24 VDC, 30mA @ 12V



92.5mm  x  92.5mm  x  55mm



50 grams




  • No moving parts
  • Digital outputs
  • Time proven design
  • Replaces many other anemometers
  • Low power
  • Solid-state digital operation
  • Small Size
  • Light Weight
  • Wind Speed & Wind Direction Output
  • Three Axes Orthogonal Outputs (U, V, W)
  • Sonic Temperature Output
  • Air Temperature / RH Output
  • Barometric Pressure Output
  • Accelerometer and/or Level Output
  • Compass Output
  • Air Density Output
  • Dew Point Output

Additional Options

  • Custom Formats – Custom output formats are available for large quantity orders.
  • Color – The standard color is white, but other colors are available upon request.         
  • Mounting – The base can be adapted to provide a mount to a variety of structures.  Check with the factory for available options.
  • Battery System – To provide the longest possible battery operation, given a full charge in the smallest package profile, the Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) battery is used, with its own special charger.
  • Backup Battery – When a backup battery is required, it is expected that the unit will be operated on an external power source.  This battery will be a Gel-Cell type.