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Applied Technologies, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing quality meteorological instruments and weather systems for over 40 years. Located in Longmont, Colorado, Applied Technologies, Inc. is a leader in the weather instrumentation industry with a variety of meteorological instruments. We design and manufacture the only true orthogonal Ultrasonic Anemometers, Data Collection Systems, Flux Measurement Systems, Portable Weather Stations, and much more. Our Ultrasonic Anemometer line has many probe styles designed for different environmental conditions. Ours is the only true, orthogonal ultrasonic anemometer.

The ATI Ultrasonic Anemometers are ideal when performing flux measurements, latent heat flux, sensible heat flux, momentum flux, eddy covariance method, eddy correlation, eddy flux, atmospheric research, meteorological research, ecosystem carbon, surface energy balance, sonic thermometry, carbon sequestration monitoring.

Some of our meteorological instruments include: 2 axis, 2d Ultrasonic Anemometers for commercial anemometer use, 3-axis, 3d Ultrasonic Anemometers for scientific anemometer use, data collection and scientific data synchronization via the DataPacker/DataLogger, data processing of weather information with our FluxPack and FluxSoft flux measurement systems and flux software. Our Research and Development department can also do custom design work should you need an instrument or system because the off-the-shelf ultrasonic anemometers do not physically fit your application. We work with our customers in the development of meteorological instruments and systems that meet your exact requirements.

The History of Sonic Technology

Read the papers about the Evolution of Sonic Anemometry. Three papers written by Dr. J.C. Kaimal talking about the history of Ultrasonic Technology in Meteorology.


Why does the non-orthogonal anemometer underestimate?

Flow Distortion Errors in a Non-Orthogonal Sonic Anemometer, a paper written by Applied Technologies, Inc. and Dr. J. C. Kaimal.

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