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The 'Sx' Style Probe - Ultrasonic Anemometer

'Sx' style ultrasonic anemometer in meteorological instruments

 The 'Sx' style Ultrasonic Anemometer is a 3 axis, 3d, 15 cm, scientific Ultrasonic Anemometer that has been designed for environmental monitoring where the horizontal wind measurements are required to be in the same plane.  The W component measurement on the upwind side of the probe provides the most accurate and unobstructed value of vertical winds.  The electronics are contained within the probe bar. It operates on DC power with a power consumption of about 1 watt. This meteorological instrument can be used in many different weather systems for highly accurate wind speed, wind direction and temperature information.

These instruments have been established for use in Eddy Covariance work, which includes Turbulent Fluxes, Momentum Fluxes, Latent Heat Fluxes and Sensible Heat Fluxes.

The new design incorporates leveling and vibration monitoring capabilities. See the new Add-on Options by clicking here.

For more information about the 'Sx' style Ultrasonic Anemometer please download the PDF brochure from here.

For a technical description of the SATI Ultrasonic Anemometer series, click here for a PDF file.

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