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  • 1. Is there a program that will allow me to visually monitor the output of the Sonic Anemometer?

    Yes, it's called F.R.E.D ( available at the bottom of this note. Unzipping the software is required to open the .zip file. Most current windows software has unzipping feature built in, but if not, there are many different programs that will open the .zip file. We suggest you download one from if you do not have software to open a zip file.

    Download FRED


  • 2. What programs can I use as a terminal emulator to communicate with the ultrasonic anemometer or DataPacker?

    One is HyperTerminal, which comes with Windows Operating System prior to Vista. For some reason it was removed in Vista and Windows7.

    Please note: In order to use HyperTerminal, you must turn Flow Control - OFF.

    Other programs can be located by searching for terminal emulator software. Some are free, other need to be purchased. Telix is one such program that has been very successful with our customers.

    Another is TeraTerm. A link to the Tera Term website is provided below.




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