Scientific Papers

This section is a list of publications that all pertain to the use of Applied Technologies meteorological instruments and weather systems. 

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Here is the list of Scientific Papers.

(More will be added as they are received)


Underestimates of Sensible Heat Flux due to Vertical Velocity Measurement Errors in Non-Orthogonal Sonic Anemometers, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, April 2013, Volume 171, Article 9, pp 72-81,  (John Frank, William J. Massman, Brent E. Ewers)


Turbulence Spectra Measured during Fire Front Passage, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, February 2013, Volume 169, Article 19, pp 195-210, (Daisuke Seto, Craig B. Clements, Warren E. Heilman)


How Well Can We Measure the Vertical Wind Speed? Implications for Fluxes of Energy and Mass, Boundary-Layer Meteorology, November 2012, Volume 145, Issue 2, pp383-398 (John Kochendorfer, Tilden P. Meyers, John Frank, William J. Massman, Mark W. Heuer) 


A New Data Acquisition System For The U.S. Army FM-CW Radar: Still A Great Way To See Half-Meter Resolution, To be presented at the AMS 12th Symposium on Meteorological Observations and Instrumentation, 9-13 February 2003, Long Beach, CA., (Scott A. McLaughlin, Applied Technologies, Inc., Longmont, Colorado).


Near-Surface Fluxes Of Cloudwater Evolve Vertically, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, in the press 1999, (A.S. Kowalski and R.J. Vong).


Ionic And Trace Element Composition Of Cloud And Rain Water Collected On The Olympic Peninsula Of Washington State, Atmos. Environ. 31, 1991-2001, 1997, (R.J. Vong et al.).


Simultaneous Observations Of Aerosol And Cloud Droplet Size Spectra In Marine Stratocumulus, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 55, 2180-92, 1998, (R.J. Vong and D.S. Covert).


Deployment And Evaluation Of A System For Ground-Based Measurement Of Cloud Liquid Water Turbulent Fluxes, J. Atmospheric & Ocean Technol. 14, 468-479, 1997, (A.S. Kowalski and R.J. Vong).


Eddy Correlation Measurements Of Size-Dependent Cloud Droplet Turbulent Fluxes To Complex Terrain, Tellus 47B, 331-352, 1995, (R.J. Vong and A.S. Kowalski).


Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flows - Their Structure and Measurement, Oxford University Press Inc., Copyright 1994, (J.C. Kaimal and J.J. Finnigan).


A Fast Response Hygrometer For Use In Moisture Fluctuation Measurements, Seventh Symposium On Meteorological Observations and Instrumentation And Special Sessions On Laser Atmospheric Studies, American Meteorological Society, January 1991, (S.T. Connolly and C.A. Biltoft).


A Doppler Radar For The Measurement Of Mixing Layer Height, Seventh Joint Conference On Applications Of Air Pollution Meteorology With AWMA, American Meteorological Society, January 1991, (S.T. Connolly, W.R. Dagle, and C.A. Biltoft).


The Atmospheric Boundary Layer - Its Structure and Measurement, Lecture Notes from Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology Visiting Professorship Program, Shivajinagar, Pune, 411005, January 14 - February 28, 1988, (J.C. Kaimal).


Project Condors Connective Diffusion Observed By Remote Sensors, BAO 7, July 1986, US Department of Commerce, NOAA/ERL Wave Propagation Laboratory


A Field Comparison Of In Situ Meteorological Sensors, BAO 6, December 1984, US Department of Commerce, NOAA/ERL Wave Propagation Laboratory


An Evaluation of Wind Measurements By Four Doppler Sodars, BAO 5, July 1984, US Department of Commerce, NOAA/ERL Wave Propagation Laboratory


Studies Of Nocturnal Stable Layers At BAO, BAO 4, January 1983, US Department of Commerce, NOAA/ERL Wave Propagation Laboratory


Turbulence Statistics For Design Of Wind Turbine Generators, Preprint of Report to DOE, BAO 3, December 1980, US Department of Commerce, NOAA/ERL Wave Propagation Laboratory


The Boulder Low-Level Intercomparison Experiment, Preprint of WMO Report, BAO 2, June 1980, NOAA/ERL Wave Propagation Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research


Project Phoenix, The September 1978 Field Operation, BAO 1, December 1979, NOAA/ERL Wave Propagation Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research


Sonic Anemometer Measurement Of Atmospheric Turbulence, Proceedings of the Dynamic Flow Conference, John Hopkins University - Baltimore, MD, September 1978, (J.C. Kaimal).