Meteorological Sensor System

Applied Technologies, Inc. - Meteorological Sensor System (MSS) Close-up
Applied Technologies, Inc. - Meteorological Sensor System (MSS) Mounted on Tripod

The Meteorological Sensor System or MSS is a complete weather station with many options available. The MSS was originally designed to meet the challenging requirements of a military application.  The Meteorological Sensor System  is manufactured to the highest quality standards for reliability and accuracy. 

The Meteorological Sensor System combines the most frequently required meteorological sensors into a single easy-to-use package.  A single processor controls all the sensors and provides for synchronized measurements, then all the data are output in a single packet.

Additionally, this high quality sensor package has the added benefit of a 2 axis accelerometer to provide tilt, but can also be used to provide the two axes of acceleration  With the GPS and accelerometer, this is a great platform for a mobile application.

The Meteorological Sensor System is a commercial adaptation of a US Army Project to design and build an air-deployable sensor suite for covert data recovery and transmission behind enemy lines.  By employing secure data transmission of meteorological parameters by spread-spectrum radio transceivers from MSS to MSS, battlefield commanders were made aware of critical data.  The multiple Meteorological Sensor Systems creates a closed network where each of the units can talk to the others and if one unit failed, the network would search for the nearest station it could find to complete its transmission to the central station.  The MSS was originally designed to meet the challenging requirements of a military application.  The commercial version of the Meteorological Sensor System is manufactured to the highest standards for reliability and accuracy.


Basic Sensors

  • Unit ID
  • Wind Speed & Direction
  • Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Relative Humidity
  • GPS Position and Timing and Altitude
  • Sea Level Pressure (Calculated)
  • Dew Point (Calculated)

State-of-the-art processor

RS-232 Output can be continuous or timed

Compact Size

Light weight

Low power

Internal status monitor

Solid-state sensors - no moving parts

Power saving modes

All parameters in engineering units

Standard output in ASCII format

Comma delimited serial output


Data Telemetry - spread spectrum transceivers at 915 MHz or 2.4 GHz

Other output formats available

Rechargeable batteries

Battery backup

Compass heading

2-axis accelerometer for tilt

Ruggedized tripod (1.8m height)



MSS-1000 Brochure