Add-On Options

Is there a special option you would like for the Applied Technologies, Inc. Ultrasonic Anemometer? If you don't find it listed here, let us know and we will see what we can do.

Ultrasonic Anemometer Options

There are a variety of add-on options available for the ATI Ultrasonic Anemometers. Some of these options must be selected at the time of your order, consult the factory for more details.

2D & 1D Sonic Probes

Should you require the accuracy and speed of the SATI sonics, but don't need the 3D version of the instrument, we can also provide a 2D or 1D version of the SATI instrument.  These will provide all the same features and functions of the 3D, but with the lesser axis or axes.  If this is of any interest, contact ATI for more info.

LV-304 Option - 2D Level / 3D Accelerometer

 The LV-304 is a level/accelerometer that can be connected to the sonic anemometer. This system measures both dynamic and static acceleration. The static operation can measure gravity and therefore can be used as a level or tilt sensor.  In this mode it can provide an output of  ‘pitch’ and ‘roll’ for the position of the instrument.  These data are read in degrees. 

The dynamic operation can measure motion or shock and therefore can be use to monitor any movement of the instrument. In this mode it can provide an output of acceleration in the three orthogonal axes. These data are read in digits that represent gravity.   

Data from the unit will be output as fast as whatever rate the sonic anemometer measurement is set. 

RS-422 Option

Does your instrument require extra long cables to connect to your datalogger? Or maybe an extra long cable that can reach all the way to your office? Our equipment can be provided with an RS-422 output for this purpose. If this is of interest, contact ATI for more info.

Extra or Spare Parts 

Do you need different lengths of output cables? Maybe you would like to have a spare cable on hand for emergencies? Or would you like to have some spare parts like extra connectors available?  If any of these options sound like something of interest, contact ATI for any questions.

Heater Option

Are you planning to use your sonic anemometer in a location where you can expect icing conditions?  Do you need to have your equipment operate during these icing conditions?  The SATI series of instruments can be fitted with heaters to prevent icing from jeopardizing your operation. These options come with the probe heaters, a control box, and a power supply, if needed. 

Option 1-

This option comes with a control box that will provide 40 to 50 watts for nominal icing environmental conditions. 

Option 2-

This option comes with a control box that will provide 150 to 200 watts for extreme and unusually severe environmental conditions. 

If power conservation is required, an external computer control can be added.  This allows the data collection computer to tell the unit when to permit the heaters to be turned on. 

Calibration Tool Option

An important part of the sonic anemometer experience is to have a well calibrated instrument. To calibrate the ATI Sonic Anemometer requires a zero air chamber, which is provided with the instrument, and an accurate Temperature and RH value. The more accurate you can have the values of Temp and RH that are entered into the calibration process, the more accurate will be the air velocity and temperature measurements made by the Sonic.

A simple and easy tool is a combination Humidity and Temperature sensor that can be plugged into the USB port of the computer being used to do the calibration. This sensor is small enough to fit inside the zero air chamber to make sure the measurements being used are the same as what the Sonic is measuring. It gives you both readings with a single sensor and sufficient accuracy to provide an accurate calibration.

Rugged Transport Case

Does your application require you to transport the sonic from test site to test site? ATI does have an option of a rugged transport/carrying case to satisfy this type of requirement.   This is a hard sided carrying case, big enough to embed the sonic, and a few extras, in solid foam for maximum protection, and can be shipped by most any method. If this is of interest, contact ATI for more info.   

Contact ATI for answers to any questions or for more information.

System Options

Serial to USB

No serial port on your computer? Many computers today have no Serial Ports. A USB converter will solve this problem. A USB converter will accept serial data and convert it to a format that can be input to the USB connection and then read as if it were an actual serial connection. It creates a com port using the USB connection, so accessing the data is done exactly the same using your terminal program. There is no degradation of the data. Call us for more information.

Wireless Network 

We now have a WiFi module that will allow you to put the Ultrasonic Anemometer data output on your wireless network. This device attaches to the Serial Output and is connected to an antenna. The communication is then provided over the network by way of an IEEE 802.11 b/g/n signal, with a frequency range of 2.412GHz to 2.484GHz, and can be operated from 1200bps to 115200bps for the output data. If this is of interest, contact ATI for more info.

Power Supply

Need a Power Supply to operate your equipment? We can provide the system required to do the job. Do you need one for indoor use or maybe you need one for outdoor use. We can even provide them big enough to operate your complete system. The size and power is flexible. Just let us know what your requirements are.

Solar Power 

Does your system require solar power to operate in a remote environment? We can provide the solar system to do the job. Everything from the proper size panels, power controllers, and maximum size batteries to provide plenty of run time during dark days. Check with ATI for the system to do your work.

Wireless Communications Link

Do you need wireless communications between your equipment and your office? We can provide a link of Spread Spectrum radios that will do the job. There are two options, either a 900MHz band or a 2.4GHz band.

The optimal radio package can be chosen to work over the distance expected between radios, the necessary data rate, and the environment. Generally, in open space a 1.0-watt is sufficient for up to 20miles, a 0.1-watt is sufficient for up to 1000 feet, and a 0.01-watt for up to 100 feet. The important factor is the use of a spread spectrum concept, which accepts data and spreads it over a wide bandwidth to maximize “processing gain”.

There is NO license required for any of these systems. If this is something of interest, please contact ATI for more information.

Meteorological Sensors

Does your project require data from a standard temperature, relative humidity, or barometric pressure sensor?  Do you need them combined with the sonic output, or do you need them separately mounted on the side?  Either option can be provided, contact ATI for more info.

Extra or Spare Parts

Do you need different lengths of output cables?  Maybe you would like to have a spare cable on hand for emergencies?  Or.. would you like to have some spare parts like extra connectors available?  Another possibility might be if you are planning to use your instrument in a very cold environment, we can provide Teflon cables for this type of environment.   If any of these options sound like something of interest, contact ATI with any questions or requests.