Flux Measurement System


                      FMS Controller

The measurement of fluxes such as sensible heat, momentum, and latent heat, require a fixed set of instruments and software, operating the Eddy Co-variance Method. Applied Technologies, Inc. has put together a complete package of instruments and software that can be configured into a variety of systems to perform this task.  It's called the FluxPak.

An Eddy Co-variance System, using the FluxPak is designed to measure fluxes in the surrounding air, such as momentum flux, latent heat flux and sensible heat flux. The FluxPak consists of an Ultrasonic Anemometer and DataPacker/DataLogger to combine various analog and digital outputs with the Ultrasonic Anemometer, and Flux Measurement Software package. The basic system will provide momentum and sensible heat fluxes, by adding a hygrometer, H2O and latent heat fluxes can also be made available.

The basic package of the FluxPak system can be fabricated around a desktop PC, a laptop/notebook PC or it can even be assembled into a weatherproof enclosure for harsh environments.


Flux Measurement System Brochure