Data Collection

Applied Technologies has a device that is capable of performing data synchronization, data collection, and data processing of Ultrasonic Anemometer data and other meteorological instruments.  This addition to your weather system will aid you in the data synchronization process, where all your ultrasonic anemometer data will be taken over the same time period, and can output the data in various formats to suit your individual needs. 

(See the DataPacker/DataLogger

The DataPacker/DataLogger will perform data synchronization and data collection of multiple Applied Technologies Ultrasonic Anemometers.  The DataPacker/DataLogger will accept a combination of ATI Ultrasonic Anemometer outputs and analog outputs, synchronize, combine and format the data and presents it all in a single serial digital output packet.  The digital output can be presented to most computers with a serial port, or any digital recording device for easy storage and processing.