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Meteorological Instruments

Data Collection


The 'DataPacker' data collection and data synchronization device in meteorological instruments

The DataPacker - data collection and data synchronization device.  This meteorological instrument will accept multiple Ultrasonic Anemometer outputs along with multiple analog sensor outputs, and combine and synchronize the data into a single output for your weather system.

A common problem experienced in many field experiments is the ability to synchronize data from a wide variety of different instruments and sensors.  The critical requirement is to be able to synchronize the data from each sensor so that they are all taking measurements over the same time period.  The DataPacker will do just that.

Applied Technologies, Inc. has designed and developed a modular and configurable DataPacker that will accept a combination of ATI Ultrasonic Anemometer digital outputs along with multiple analog outputs.  It will then synchronize, combine and format the data, and present it all on a single serial digital packet.  The digital output can be presented to most computers, operating any terminal emulator program, with a serial port, for easy storage and processing.

The DataPacker can be assembled in a variety of configurations to fit most applications.  Because it can be built in a weather-proof enclosure, the unit can be located in close proximity to the analog sensors, providing for short lines and less noise problems.


  • Modular construction provides a variety of configurations
  • Synchronizes digital and analog measurements
  • Surge protection on all inputs and outputs
  • Analog inputs differential or single-ended
  • Analog inputs have 100Hz Sallen-Key filter
  • Auto-calibration at power-up
  • User programmable
  • Microprocessor based
  • Unattended operation
  • Low power
  • Rugged construction

For more information about the DataPacker please download the pdf brochure from here.

Please contact for more information about the DataPacker or to place an order.




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